Big, Little Changes in Tutor LMS

Tutor starts pleasant spring with a few big, little changes. The development team keeps working on the features which surely meet teachers, managers and of course students demands.

So, let’s see what we have done so far.

Our new feature allows you to evaluate the performance of each course participant along with their participation in the training. It will help you take an individual approach during the learning process and encourage each participant in their own way.

In other words, at the end of each lesson you can assess student performance by 1-5 points in the attendance sheet. At the end of the course, we’ll give you a percentage of the total productivity of each participant.

Students sometimes change phone numbers or any other contacts and of course, it is rather difficult to remember every little detail about your day by day growing groups. No worries at all. Just Edit Student’s data right in the attendance sheet just by hovering on a student’s name and clicking on “Update Student.”

Dealing with students attendances is too time-consuming, but LMS makes it easier and easier day by day.  Now you can stop the attendance with a past date and the system will overwrite the past attendances.

Finances – we all need stability here. The stability reaches the system as well.  If your students pay for each lesson they have attended, then you need to fix this detail as well. And we have already added “Price per lesson” feature, so hurry up to enjoy the spare time you get due to these quick magical clicks.


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