Major Upgrade // Release 5.6.0


Happy to announce that we have upgraded our frontend to newer version of the underlaying framework which will speed up Tutor Platform‘s Management Interface.


This is going to massively affect your working performance in few areas:

  • CRM Forms, Lists
  • LMS Forms, Details Pages
  • Finance Area
  • Content Management.

We are working very hard to get all nitty gritty details quickly fixed to deliver you best performance.

Coming Next

We are currently actively working on:

  • e-learning (Interactive Book) in web and mobile
  • dashboards, dedicated dashboards for each role
  • localisation (improve missing translations for all four languages we support currently)
  • notifications (improve current student notifications and add detailed instructional notifications for school members).

Release notes – Learning Management System – Version 5.6.0


  • Re-work registration page
  • Assign user lite role when registering in tutor-platform
  • Adjust request form backend to fill association data into object directly
  • Security issues
  • Review lite role permissions
  • Zoom will fail for free versions
  • Improve interactive book & placement test edit UI/UX
  • Change “Copy” names in Request Forms (make translatable)
  • Some adjustments on Material editor
  • Integrate Mailchimp


  • Timetable issues
  • Forms are generally slow
  • Can’t edit a request in LMS requests section (Piradyan school case)
  • The value of the new added field doesn’t appear on Request
  • In Safari login page blog articles are broken
  • Cannot login from Course Finder
  • Error on Material details page
  • Localisation does not work on dates (releases menu)
  • Dashboard payment details are not showing up
  • Request form does not work for
  • Make Interactive book modal title translatable
  • Deleted student’s info icon still appears

Stay tuned & Happy Teaching!


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