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Detect language proficiency level in a non-standard way

Hello, If you are a language teacher or a language school owner, then you constantly deal with assessing one's language proficiency level. And what ways do you choose to do

Course Finder Updates 1.2.0. Multiple Schedules and Gallery

Forming an upcoming learning group can become a thorny issue when there are no fixed schedules. Here at we made a few technical improvements to avoid troubles such as

Course Finder 1.1.0 More focus on courses.

Your language school is famous for nothing else but its courses. This is the reason why we shifted our attention from school search into a course search. Find out more

Version 1.0.0

The work done in the scope of our first release is summarised in epics, tasks, and bugfixes. Epics Improve UX Course Finder Discounts Stories As a school manager I want

Version 0.2.0

Epics Basic Search Request to join Recommendations School Analytics Rating Schools Import Data Search v2 Request Management Stories As a schools administrator I want access to manage my school data